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Data Driven Software - Only As Good As The Data!

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Maritime Planned Maintenance & Purchasing Systems.


Maritime IT Systems have their own unique challenges due to the need to have distributed databases so that each ship can have it’s own data stored locally, and a central database at the head office with all the data in it.


Replicating data between the office and the ships is an essential part of any Maritime IT System - but can be fraught with problems!


Planned Maintenance Systems require the populating of lists of Equipment and their associated Maintenance Schedules & Spare Parts. This is a big and time consuming task - and one that has to be completed before the system can do anything useful!

Information Technology (IT) presents the raw facts & figures (the Data) in a comprehensible manner.

IT System consist of the software that presents the information to the users, and the database which stores the raw facts & figures (the Data).

Most people are blissfully unaware to the database behind the IT Systems that they use - including the Auto-Tellers that we all use to get cash from. Think of the implications of the data for your bank accounts getting lost or corrupted.....

Good data is the font of all knowledge - and bad data the bane of your life!


Having high quality data, and plenty of it, is an essential prerequisite for IT Systems - particularly as many are data driven. This is particularly important in the following scenarios:-

  • When setting up an IT System for the first time, and the initial data population will have to be done.
  • When replacing an IT System migrating the data from the previous IT System can be essential.
  • It is always important to ensure that the data remains accurate, complete, uncorrupted, and without duplications.